NIPT - Resursi

  1. Screening for 22q11.2 Deletion with Ultrasound and Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing
  2. First-trimester Ultrasound and Cell-Free DNA Screening: Improved Patient Care
  3. Voluson Ultrasound Systems - Harmony Prenatal Testing
  4. Twins: First Trimester Evaluations - Voluson Ultrasound Systems - Harmony NIPT
  5. Genome-wide NIPT for Rare Chromosomal Conditions
  6. Comparison of Genome-wide vs. Targeted cfDNA Testing for First-line Prenatal Screening
  7. Cell-Free DNA Testing for Fetal Aneuploidy
  8. Cell-Free DNA Screening in Twin Pregnancies using the Harmony® Prenatal Test
  9. Positive Predictive Value and Interpretation of Results of the Harmony® Prenatal Test 
  10. Information about Redraw Requests and Inconclusive Results with the Harmony® Prenatal Test